#GEW17 Friday 17th November 2017 @11.00 GMT - 12 noon in Frankfurt

FinTech Entrepreneurs in Germany and United Kingdom - should we compete or collaborate?

This brainstorm will leave you with a clearer vision - a mind map and action plan - broadening your perspective on how to advance your ideas and giving you greater understanding on how best to make progress amidst uncertainty over #Brexit in this innovative era.


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Thomas Funke | Co-Director TechQuartier

A strong communicator and team player with extensive industry knowledge and a deep global network, Thomas is constantly looking for change and new challenges.  His passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and education has led him to support and enable a community of great minds, exceptional talent and world changing ambition as they trade ideas and scale their businesses.  TechQuartier, headquartered in Frankfurt, provides the ideal environment for Fintech acceleration.  Having lectured in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at WU, Europe’s largest business school in Vienna, Thomas constantly develops and upgrades programs and platforms to foster entrepreneurial spirit and skill.

Elizabeth Lumley | London and Global Fintech Influencer.

For 20+ years,  Liz has been a global specialist commentator on services, regulations, risk, data and technology in investment, retail, and global transaction banking.  Internationally recognized as one of the leading voices in FinTech and banking technology innovation, her expertise includes technology installations and market data usage at global investment banks, retail banks, institutions, exchanges and in the ecosystem of new entrants and startups.

Dr Robin Kiera | Hamburgh and Global Fintech Influencer

Consulting to corporates including to B.Braun Medical and Allianz, as well as startups and SME’s,  Dr Robin is an internationally recognized  digitalization, fintech and insurtech expert.  Constantly on the scout for the ‘next big thing’, he founded DigitalScouting.de to further support emerging entrepreneurs and startups whilst facilitating the ease of access to relevant information about this fast-changing sector.  Dr Robin shares daily news on digital transformation, insurtech and other fintech related topics.

Andrea Sonea |11:FS

Andra was in Fintech before it was called Fintech!  She is on the Citi AM Fintech influencer list having gained her reputation helping banks to develop next generation, digital services.  An architect and strategic thinker with international experience in the financial service industry; Andra was formerly lead solutions architect at the Digital Innovations Lab, Lloyds Banking Group and senior manager to the Financial Services Advisory at Ernst and Young.  Having led diverse, specialised teams on projects ranging from complex systems implementations to new technology evaluations or roadmap advice, she is a firm believer in the need and possibility of change through technology in Financial Services.

Timo Dredger | Investment Manager at Coparion

Timo Dreger is an Investment Manager at coparion, a 225m EUR venture capital fund for young, German technology companies. Before joining coparion, Timo worked as a Head of Digital for Helvetia - one of the largest insurance companies in Switzerland, as an early-stage investor at Apeiron Investment Group, as VP Insurance at Commerzbank backed FinTech Start-up OptioPay, as a Digital Transformation Consultant at JDC Group, Germany´s largest IFA network with more than 16,000 independent financial advisors and 1m retail clients and as a Global Head of Innovation & New Ventures at Varengold Bank in London/ Dubai. Timo is consistently ranked as one of the leading FinTech and InsurTech Influencer worldwide. Furthermore he was a Global Shaper Curator of the World Economic Forum and is an enthusiastic lacrosse and golf player.

Asif Faruque | Level39, London

Formerly a reporter for Finextra, Asif now leads communications, content and brand for Level39.  Level39 is home to 200+ member companies all active in Fintech, retail tech, cybersecurity and smart-city technology.  Based in London, Asif has an excellent holistic overview of the global Fintech industry.

Chris Gledhill |  CEO, Secco Aura

Chris Gledhill regularly ranks #1 top global FinTech influencer and often speaks and writes about FinTech, Banking and the future of financial services. Chris was lead mobile architect and led the disruptive innovation labs at Lloyds Banking Group before becoming CEO and Co-Founder of FinTech Startup Secco.  Secco Aura is a location-based financial social networking app that allows you to connect and trade with the people around you.   With both a technical & business background spanning disruptive technologies including Blockchain, AI, API, Big Data, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, CryptoCurrencies, Biometrics, Mobile & Wearables, Chris is a regular blogger.  His twitter feed @cgledhill is a ‘must follow’ for anyone interested in the Fintech sector.

Gerrit Glass | FinLeap, Berlin

Business Development Director at FinLeap, a Berlin based accelerator program and Fintech ecosystem.  Gerrit is a member of the Expert Group of digitization and startups for the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany and has worked for PWC as a senior consultant to Financial Services, specialising in Fintech and digital banking.  Gerrit studied in both the UK and Germany and now lives in Berlin.


Rather than only exploring the pros versus cons, we’ll discuss the subject of our conversation from 7 different perspectives:

Lay of the land: introductions taking stock of the current situation.

How do you feel about the situation and what facts support your view?

Snow: what do you do when conditions turn cold and frosty?

Exploring what is essential to progress even in challenging conditions.

Wind: what external forces influence your outcomes?

Whether local or prevailing, 'wind' largely represents all other people.

Rain: what potential problems are revealed in the rain?

Positively participate in negative speculation

Rainbow: with your wildest imagination, what would you change?

Consider where to find the 'pots of gold' you're aiming for.

Sun: with energy and optimism, what is the ideal situation?

What would you do with the resources you need to succeed?

Whether Report: drawing conclusions from the conversation.

Gain clarity, direction and inspiration for added action.


Prepare for this brainstorm by thinking about a particular problem, challenge or concern that you'd like to solve.


Celia Gates is the creator of the Whether Forecast and the founder of the Global Brainstrom.  Celia will host this conversation.

"Celia left a lasting impact on my approach to strategy, goal setting and decision making. It is her remarkable ability to produce ‘simplicity in complexity’ that enthuses and invigorates processes that are usually cumbersome and far from consensus, using everyone’s strengths. A remarkable lady, with presence, integrity and a superbly simple methodology, that I can highly recommend for managing change and organisational development."

Nicole Shaw - Global Development




Businessman hand holding the Futuristic Technology connection shape on the Abstract photo of FINTECH connection over the digital number background, Showing the cryptocurrency or digital money

Businessman hand holding the Futuristic Technology connection shape on the Abstract photo of FINTECH connection over the digital number background, Showing the cryptocurrency or digital money