During this free webinar you'll learn more about:

  1. What an epiphany really is and how to have more of them.
  2. Why epiphanies matter more now than ever before.
  3. How to add instant value to your work and life with an epiphany.
  4. Why being an 'epiphany generator' makes you a leading light.
  5. The1 most important thing you need to succeed in 2017.

And you'll learn:

  1. How to solve your own predicament - personally or professionally.
  2. How to set yourself up for a superb year - quickly, easily and with lasting effects.

Plus - you'll be invited to join an elite group of thought leaders.

Learn from the best to overtake the rest.


This webinar is not about Christianity.  It's about marking a day in history with fresh ideas for the future. Wise man or wise woman - give yourself the gift of a great idea.

Live on Friday 6 January @ 18:00 GMT (10:00 PST)

Meet your webinar host

Hi, I’m Celia.

Having won numerous invention and innovation awards I set out on the mission to resolve the greatest challenge we face – managing our unique mindsets.

"As an event organiser, trainer and facilitator, Celia left a lasting impact on my approach to strategy, goal setting and decision making.  It is her remarkable ability to produce ‘simplicity in complexity’ that enthuses and invigorates processes that are usually cumbersome and far from consensus, using everyone’s strengths.  A remarkable lady, with presence, integrity and a superbly simple methodology, that I can highly recommend for managing change and organisational development."