#GEW17 Thursday 16th November 2017 @13.30 GMT

#GEWgo Entrepreneurs GO!

This brainstorm will leave you with a clear vision - a mind map and action plan - showing you where to 'GO' next with your ideas.


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Marja Bortha Van Doorn | Netherlands

Marja Bortha Van Doorn is a Master Strengths and Global Talent Development Consultant and Coach. She works with individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate teams to help them discover and unleash their unique set of talents in order to skyrocket their engagement and productivity which leads to higher profits. Marja believes that everyone can live a life of prosperity and abundance by aligning their life endeavours with who they are at their core. Her aim is to make strengths-based development the default way of thinking in organizations.


Baiju Solanki | London

Baiju Solanki is a Performance Psychologist, Speaker, Coach  and Author.  He teaches the Power of Empowered Choices, to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Baiju empowers the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Education and is a Social Media evangelist.  CEO & Founder of EnSpirit Inc., his aim is to make entrepreneurial thinking a default in society and education. Through entrepreneurial thinking people have the opportunity to live the lives they desire. Through the power of TV and real world examples EnSpirit Inc, is changing the landscape of how we live our lives and educate the next generation.

Selwyn Cambridge | Barbados

Selwyn Cambridge is the founder and driving force behind TEN Habitat. He has been working with startups for more than 15 years as a trainer, mentor and advisor. An outstanding entrepreneur, he is also an experienced brand and marketing strategist and manages Ethnic Vision Inc, a Caribbean brand development and marketing company he founded.

Savneet Kaur Bhasin| Mumbai, India

Savneet Bhasin is the co-founder and CEO of Uplearn, a Valiant Group Company. She believes that it is important for people to upgrade their skills to excel in life and wants to provide the best in class skill enhancement programs for making this a reality. Savneet is an ambitious entrepreneur with the aim of training 1 million young, disadvantaged people in India, in the next 12 months.

Pere Raphael | London via Mount Kilimanjaro

Pere Raphael’s primary business specialises in providing IT Solutions and support services to SME Businesses.  As an entrepreneur he has an excellent holistic understanding of what makes a business work and grow – more importantly, he knows how people peak perform and grow.  Founder of ‘See You At The Top’, Pere runs a leadership training program that includes the summiting of Africa’s hightest peak.


Rather than only exploring the pros versus cons, we’ll discuss the subject of our conversation from 7 different perspectives:

Lay of the land: introductions taking stock of the current situation.

How do you feel about the situation and what facts support your view?

Snow: what do you do when conditions turn cold and frosty?

Exploring what is essential to progress even in challenging conditions.

Wind: what external forces influence your outcomes?

Whether local or prevailing, 'wind' largely represents all other people.

Rain: what potential problems are revealed in the rain?

Positively participate in negative speculation

Rainbow: with your wildest imagination, what would you change?

Consider where to find the 'pots of gold' you're aiming for.

Sun: with energy and optimism, what is the ideal situation?

What would you do with the resources you need to succeed?

Whether Report: drawing conclusions from the conversation.

Gain clarity, direction and inspiration for added action.


Prepare for this brainstorm by thinking about a particular problem, challenge or concern that you'd like to solve.


Celia Gates is the creator of the Whether Forecast and the founder of the Global Brainstrom.  Celia will host this conversation.

"Celia left a lasting impact on my approach to strategy, goal setting and decision making. It is her remarkable ability to produce ‘simplicity in complexity’ that enthuses and invigorates processes that are usually cumbersome and far from consensus, using everyone’s strengths. A remarkable lady, with presence, integrity and a superbly simple methodology, that I can highly recommend for managing change and organisational development."

Nicole Shaw - Global Development


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