Greece Named As Host Country For Second Annual Global Brainstorm Event –

Greece recovers when inherent fears are converted into new ideas that lead to job creation and economic stimulation.

The Global Brainstorm announced today that it will host the second annual Global Brainstorm event in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 in Greece, November 21-24.  This four-day, open and engaging series of events aims to inspire and activate entrepreneurs.  Young people, unemployed people, people thinking of starting a business, those building a business already, as well as educators and policy makers committed to supporting entrepreneurs – are invited to share best practices, challenge conventions and generate innovative ideas about how best to make progress.  The theme of the 2013 Global Brainstorm is “TAKE THE NEXT STEP”.

Greece was chosen for the 2013 event because of youth unemployment being over 60%, its economic instability and the fear it’s voicing on the streets. Policy and past priorities have challenged Greece’s ability to empower the entrepreneurial talents it harbours however; its strategic location and migratory connections between Europe and Asia make it a pivotal catalyst for collective change.

Home to the founding fathers of western thinking; Aristotle, Socrates and Plato – Dr Edward de Bono*, the world’s current leading authority on advanced thinking – blames these three individuals for “wrecking western thinking”.  The so-called Socratic Method consists of critical and conflicting questioning and calculation by way of reaching reasonable decisions.  This limits our ability to generate innovative ideas by removing the rewards of alternative exploration, relative experience and emotion – devaluing and distancing creative thinking from the decision making process.  Could this be a consequential cause of the violent protests seen on the streets of Athens?

“The Global Brainstorm is committed to upgrading systemic thinking by fostering creativity and cross-cultural collaboration” said Celia Gates, founder of the Global Brainstorm and creator of the brainstorming technology it pioneers.  “Through our lateral thinking techniques we’re connecting people from around the world with more of their unique minds.  Imagination is infinite – like the universe our knowledge has its limits but these are constantly expanding.  By bringing brains together we believe we better empower individuals to create their own change – collectively and constructively – and that there is great potential for the people of Greece (and the Globe) to accelerate economic recovery this way.”

Brainstorms will take place in Thessaloniki on Thursday 21st November and in Athens on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2013.

All Global Brainstorm participants will be challenged to share their knowledge and experiences, insight and ideas to help power people to further their own initiatives, careers, businesses and global economy.  With contributors representing Greece, France, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States among others, the program addresses:

  • The current “lay of the land”
  • The open ideal and visions for the future.
  • The influencing factors hindering and supporting progress.
  • The details of the delivery.
  • The success steps forwards.
  • The challenges and how these may be overcome.
  • The assigned responsibility of a strategic action plan.

The program aims to inspire and activate entrepreneurs – the job creators of the future.

Together with the European Conference in Thessaloniki held at the University of Macedonia, 21 November 2013, together with the “Disrupt, Start-up, Scale-up” Conference held in Athens 22, 23, 24 November 2013 and Google hangouts, Celia will host a series of brainstorms across Greece.  These interactive workshops invite individuals to step outside of their habitual thinking styles – to see their situation from a fresh perspective, ripe with innovative ideas.

Innovators, entrepreneurs and individuals looking for fresh perspective are invited to join the online conversation which will be broadcast live from Athens on Friday 22nd November at 5pm local time (3pm GMT – london time)

Content about the event can be found on Twitter via @TGBrainstorm and @CeliaGates and by following #TGB13 #GEW13

About The Global Brainstorm & Celia Gates

As the visionary outcome of an innovative entrepreneur, the Global Brainstorm is committed to facilitating advanced thinking by broadening perspectives, engaging in emotive and alternative exploration, empowering cross-cultural collaboration and generating innovative ideas.

Celia Gates is a British award winning inventor and leading lateral thinker.  She is the author of From Brainwave To Business – published as part of the Financial Times Series by Pearson’s Prentice Hall and shortlisted by the Chartered Management Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Book of the Year 2012.  As the creator of the Whether Forecast™ – the advanced thinking tool she pioneers – Celia has been referred to as the World’s leading authority on brainstorming.

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