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March 31, 2014
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Brainbox Power of the Mastermind

Brainstorming The Power of the Mastermind

Brainstorming The Power of the Mastermind in May 2014 with members of the Facebook Brainbox Mastermind Group.


The above image was created using Wordle by inputting the dialogue that emerged during our creative conversation.  


What is Winning in a Mastermind?

Key to this conversation – a successful result is when everyone succeeds- whatever their personal goals may be.  Rather than aligned goals, aligned minds that offer equal opportunity is more important in a successful mastermind:

  • Structure
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Time
  • Facilitation

Structure, commitment, trust and trust over time, dedicated time and an appointed facilitator were seen as paramount to mutually beneficial masterminding.

How will we win?

By putting some of the ideas that emerged into action:

  • More structure – regular brainstorm breakout groups and a further discussion on how best to structure the Brainbox mastermind.
  • A clarification of outcomes – What’s in it for me?  What can I add to it too?
  • A reinforcing of connections across multi-media by embracing existing technology and considering how we may meet face-to-face over time.

What will we do next?

  • Publish these findings (see this page :-)) – and continue the conversation within the group.
  • Catch up with Theda Muller – group admin who was sadly missed on the call for a very valuable reason.
  • Put some of the ideas below to the test…

Who can help?

You!  The whole group.  By sharing each others posts and committing to deeper connections.


  • A “wind monitoring group” – to keep a pulse on trends and movements as inspired by Ken Christian
  • Co-creation days in smaller break-out groups or “trust-circles” of 9 people plus a facilitator.
  • Host more frequent brainstorms among the mastermind group.


  • Why is this brainstorming tool called the Whether Forecast™?  Because it has been designed to help you decide whether to do one thing, whether to do another, or whether to do something entirely different…  with the intent of stimulating fresh thinking – enjoy!

Thanks to all who contributed such value:

  • Amid Yousef – founder TVShowHow
  • Elissa Joy Shames – founder Inspiring Joy Today,
  • Ken Christian – founder Max Potentials
  • MamaRed Knight – intuitive business strategist MamaRed Speaks
  • Susan Davis – founder CoCreation Community
  • Terry McIntosh – business coach BizCoachTerry

Facilitated by Whether Forecast™ creator – Celia Gates

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