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March 31, 2014
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DWEN Paying It Forward

Presented as the theme for the annual #DWEN (Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network) conference held in Istanbul, Turkey “Paying it Forward” is also a movement DWEN launches by way of reaching 1 million women entrepreneurs by 2015.  This brainstorm set out to deepen understanding and engage greater commitment from the community.

What “paying it forward” really means and how the concept can be integrated into everyday life as a mindset and a movement was asked and answered by the DWEN network at the DWEN Turkey Conference in June 2013


“A Mindset Evolution during the Turkish Revolution”

An overview of the DWEN “Paying it Forward” Whether Forecast™ brainstorm:

Confidence CAN be Created.

Lay of the landLay of the Land: “Paying it Forward” is an American term popularized by Catherine Ryan Hyde in her novel published in 2000 and later adapted as a Warner Brothers film.  DWEN is using the term to define the act of giving unconditionally and with out expectation of anything in return by means of energizing a mindset evolution that leads to a culture and creative ecosystem in which collaborative generosity and honest exchange become the norm across borders, genders and hierarchical management systems.  “Paying it forward” is a mindset and movement we intend to energize.

SunOn a sunny day we recognize and reward ourselves for even the smallest actions we give away; a smile, more confidence, a little extra energy.  Values, beliefs and experienced understanding are transferred easily, honestly and regularly on a bright sunny day.  The mindset and act of  “Paying it forward” refuels our energy and restores our confidence too on a day when everything is going our way.  But, we recognize we can get sun-burnt when we don’t stop to listen or become blinded by the bright light of own good intentions and we should be aware of this potential danger (beautiful bee story).

windsPaying it forward becomes the prevailing wind of the future and we forecast this today as we energize a movement many of us are part of anyway.  There is a need to bring the prevailing winds of the corporate world and next generation into this equation if the movement is to sustain long term momentum.  We should show initiative, even putting our own reputations in peril at times to reach out to the local winds that surround us, on and off line.  Take action instantly by sharing this message right away!

RainOn a rainy day we find relief and belief by installing and giving relief and belief to others and we avoid doing too much at any one time by concentrating on, and measuring the ripple effects of even the smallest “droplets of water” – a smile, 1 min of time etc.  More important to measure is when a ripple causes a splash that sparks another ripple; the repercussions of someone we pay if forward to, paying it forward again.

RainbowA rainbow reveals the need for us to have a better social media styled, speed dating site; a structure from which to share information, appeal for support, solve problems, further ideas and monitor the ripple effects when people we touch begin to touch others.  (Combo of,, facebook/linkedIN and a white skinned dating site… oh Ideaspace Global get your skates on!)

SnowLuckily the Turkish weather and the heat from the surrounding activities meant that snow felt a long way away.  The survival of this movement depends largely on our ability to give it energy and sustain a growing momentum.  This will depend on our ability to keep each other going when the going gets tough.  Once we’re sure that the movement will survive we know we’ll thrive simply in seeing the success of others, knowing what will be written on our grave stones and coming together to celebrate each year.

ReportThe general consensus in the closing Whether Report™ was that there was a need to work together, to include men in our on going cross-pollination of ideas and action.  To nurture this movement in our role as mothers as well as business leaders by means of cultivating an ecosystem (ideally online) whose success is measured over generations.  Our short term goal remains to collectively touched 1 million people with the concept of “Paying it Forward” by DWEN 2015.  Our challenge; to monitor each of these individual ripples as we continue to “light candles” so that the combined light burns brighter each day.

Thank you for your contribution to this brainstorm.

If you would like to know more about the Whether Forecast brainstorming technique used during this process then please click the link.

DELL, INTEL and DWEN Thank You for an inspiring adventure in Turkey #DWEN 2013

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