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March 31, 2014
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GEC13 Impact Brainstorm

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Impact Report 2012

2008 | 3 million participants in 77 countries took part in 25,022 activities.

2012 | 7.5 million participants in 131 countries took part in 19,649 activities.

“Building cultural capital for Entrepreneurship is the greatest legacy of GEW”

Jonathan Ortmans – Impact Report 2012

Seizing the moment to take the democratization of entrepreneurship to the next level:

  • 53% of hosts reported a great impact in contacts and connections made.
  • 50% of hosts reported a great impact on the profile of their organisation.
  • 85% of hosts reported a great or moderate impact on the profile of their partners.
  • 98% of hosts reported an increase in positive media visibility

Defining and delivering impact through the activities of Global Entrepreneurship.


In conclusion: The key to measuring the impact of GEW is to “KEEP IT SIMPLE”.

The busyness of the week, an often overwhelming number of surveys and statistics, differing barometers, divergent territorial demands and objectives leave a need to level and simplify the scale upon which the metrics are measured.

In an ideal world there would be 1 key question:

> How has GEW helped you make the next step on your journey?
> What is the change in attitude?
> How many jobs have been created?
> How many businesses have been started?
> What is the story of the entrepreneur?

Our metrics become our assets.

When correctly captured the metrics become a valuable asset when leveraging influence over policy makers, politicians, sponsors, media, partners and participants. Measuring and improving the real impact of GEW is essential to the sustained growth of this campaign. The web of global host organisations, GEW partners and event participants needs to be extended to become more closely interwoven, linked and monitored if actual tangible changes are to be tracked.

Quality v quantity: Concentrating on the tangible value delivered

> Through quality of connections and networks
> Through business initiation and growth
> Through job and wealth creation
> Through the shift in individual mind-set – confidence and inspiration.

By tracking stories and journeys year on year.

> Ewan Gaffney, GEW UK offered an offline conversation for anyone seeking to further ideas that emerged during the discussion.

> Amisha Miller, GEW Brazil offered to share the 12 question used by Endevour to survey by means of extending good practice.

Are we winning the fight against poverty through entrepreneurship?

Excellent work is being delivered but our answers are not as clear as we’d like them to be.

Virtual vision:    To know the actual and acurate impact of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Defining impact as the changing awareness in attitudes and eventual evolution in culture, behavior and actions in respect of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship around the world.


Each country records and submits the stories of select Entrepreneurs to a central database assembled as the Global selection of representative entrepreneurs.  This represents several hundred stories each year from around the world of real nascent entrepreneurs and their emerging enterprises.


Extending from the above: Each partner/event organiser is challenged with nominating one of their participants as their select entrepreneur. In return, this individual becomes an Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and commits to submit a case study survey/complete a template which is added to an editable blog space. GEW Host submit ambassador case studies by means of accounting for number of events (1 Ambassador per event) and the Ambassador is encouraged to update their blog every year in order to retain their Ambassador status. New Ambassadors are added annually and success measured by monitoring the stories of these pioneering people.

The Action: Over to you for your reaction.

To reinforce the relationships between the hosts, their partners and the engaged participants beyond GEW and GEC

A Personal Thank You.

I was an Ambassador for Enterprise UK in the early days of the Make Your Mark Campaign which was running in the UK prior to GEW. This boosted my confidence tremendously as I pioneered and produced an idea that had won the title of British Consumer Invention of the Year 2004. Networking events and invitations to training courses offered as part of the Ambassador program kept me connected to a peer group of emerging entrepreneurs. We became mutually supportive and many of us now host our own GEW events.

As my business interests evolve from cookware to thinking theories, I thank you all for taking part in this brainstorm and graciously using the Whether Forecast™ tool.  As we identified during our discussion; mind-set matters.  Changing and inspiring the mind-set of individuals from taking jobs to making jobs through entrepreneurial activities is where I’m currently seeing the fastest results using this way of thinking and working.  There is a massive need for a global shift towards a more entrepreneurial mind-set.  Thank you for helping me to make the next step on my own journey.  The Global Brainstorm was very much inspired by the activities that surround GEW.  I’m living proof of the amazing work you all do.  Keep it up and a BIG thank you!


Celia Gates

Brainstorm facilitator
Creator of the Whether Forecast™
Founder of the Global Brainstorm

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