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March 31, 2014
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March 31, 2014
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92% of Young Greek People Are Seriously Worried About Their Future.

“Take The Next Step”

In conclusion, a cold, frosty climate creates crystal clear opportunities for people prepared to clear their minds and broaden their network of connections as ready, balanced, actively mobile students of the world.

7 Strong Recommendations:

  • “Plant Seeds in Winter” – a frosty climate forces you to strip bear the branches and concentrate on the core.  Now is the time to be sewing seed for the future because change will come.
  • “Change is the only certainty” – learn to navigate the winds of change.  Disruptive forces give rise to new opportunities.
  • “Carry an umbrella” – by advancing your skills and knowledge, by building reserves, with the support of a mentor and like-minded community on- or off-line.
  • “Take a Passion Pill” – become aware of your true potential and believe in the change you are capable of bringing about.
  • “Engage in the Global Conversation” – connect online and otherwise to the wider world and remember change begins internally..
  • “Build Balance” – it’s all too easy to neglect that which matters most, maintain balance (between work and family/ heart and mind/ body and spirit) daily by means of best results.
  • “Get mobile” – even if only with freedom of mind.

Thanks to all who contributed such value.



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