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May 23, 2014
October 27, 2016
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Make it happen in 2016

11 June 2015 | Online Brainstorm




The aim of this collaborative conversation was to broaden perspectives and better understand the challenges and opportunities to making ‘it’ happen in 2016

This report reflects the collective conclusions of the group.

The collaboration group consisted of:

  • Bola Olabisi – CEO Global Women Inventor and Innovators Network (GWIIN)
  • Marc Ortmans – founder Ideaspace Global and GEW GEN representative.
  • David Boyer – Vice President Innovation and Impact
  • Celia Gates – founder the Global Brainstorm, creator the Whether Forecast™


Limited link to the blab brainstorm:

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The Global Brainstorm uses a brainstorming technique called the Whether Forecast™.

The Whether Forecast™ is an inline thinking tool designed to broaden perspectives and focus ideas as we strive for the simple solutions.

The Whether Forecast™ mindsets and meanings.

 WhetherForecastIcons Lay of the land – Taking stock of the situation; facts, feelings and constraints.

Sun – An optimistic, cheerful, energetic and future focused outlook.

Rain – A pessimistic, problem focused and detail oriented outlook.

Wind – An observation of external influence.

Snow – Exploring priorities and patterns in harsh conditions.

Rainbow -Stretching the imagination and identifying opportunities.

Whether Report – Summarising the collective conclusions.


‘Word prints’ used in this report give greater prominence to words more frequently used during the mindsets addressed in this conversation.  They shift our initial interpretation of the conversation and serve by adding more insight to our understanding.

Lay of the land:

Making it happen in 2016 is about setting clear goals, concentrating on our own mindset, using problems to fuel ideas and getting personal with people by way of developing ourselves and our ideas.


On a sunny day people are working hard to change the world; building, connecting, learning and sharing knowledge and advice to make lives easier and businesses better.


The Whether Forecast™ predicts a lot of ‘wind’ and movement or change in 2016 as we tap into technology; mobile and printing.  Nations move towards uniting in support of solving climate change.  As trends develop they’re likely to be used politically.  The global conversation encourages change.  Some worrying will happen.  We are wise to maintain focus at such times and communicate our goals.


Potential problems exist when something unexpected happens.  People are likely to be authentically passionate about problems.  Barriers include, isolation, fickle infrastructure and developing without defining the risk.


Members make companies gold.  CEO’s and inventors are people.  Build coalitions to broaden perspective.  Steamline and stretch your networks.     In your heart you know the answer.  Celebrate hero’s and use your imagination this year.


We need clear thinking in 2016 and working together is essential.  Back good ideas and promote real relationships.  Continue to build regardless!



Whether Report

In conclusion, making ‘it happen in 2016 is about answering the following 5 question.

  • What is winning? The clear definition and communication of our goals.  Confining the big ambition as an iterative step and an easily achievable aim.
  • How will we win? By surrounding ourselves with good people, getting personal about the problems we’re solving, building coalitions and learning to strategically better work together.
  • What will you do next? Take action to build momentum regardless of the limitation.
  • Who can help? Like-minded people whom you are connected to and the networks you’ll strengthen and stretch this year though authentic connection.
  • What questions and ideas still need addressing? If you have any questions or suggestions then please share.

Send your questions and suggestions to us.

Further information about the Whether Forecast way of thinking and working can be found at /

The above mind map is the manual one created as a result of the collective conversation.

Thank you for your contribution.

May you enjoy ‘making it happen’ this year.

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