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March 31, 2014
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Take The Next Step | Take 2

Brainstorming how best to “Take the Next Step” in 2014 with the optimism and insight shared by our knowledgeable panelists.

Take the Next Step 2014

The above image was created using Wordle by inputting the dialogue that emerged during our creative conversation.  

People are paramount in 2014.

Further experiments using Context Discoveries’ Document Summarizer – (an evolving app that turns text into mind-maps) produced a map that put the word “Communities” at the center of our conversation and this was a strong reoccurring theme of this 2nd “Take the Next Step Brainstorm”


Winning in 2014 is about:

  • Expanding the Entrepreneurial Eco-system – contributing and co-creating.
  • Building better connections and stronger networks.
  • Seeing the ripple effect – the result of inspired impact.
  • Sharing – knowledge and skills as accessible interactions delivering deep experiences.
  • Empowering like-minds.

How will we win?

  • By being clear about what we want.
  • With quantifiable, achievable short term goals.
  • By connecting communities.
  • By removing fears and sustaining momentum for each other.

Who can help?

  • The help is out there.
  • Be specific in your request.

Questions and ideas?

  • How can we further accelerate and maintain the momentum of our movement?

Thanks to all who contributed such value:

  • Shelly Porges – Co-Chair, National Finance Council, Ready for Hillary
  • Carla Tanas – Founder Industry Disruptors Game Changers, Greece
  • Pamela Morgan –  Educator & Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, US
  • Marc Ortmans – Director, IdeaspaceGlobal & Global Entrepreneurship Week, UK
  • Yiannis Nik – Founder, Clio Muse, Greece
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