The Global Brainstorm announced today “TAKE THE NEXT STEP” is the theme of the 2013 Global Brainstorm, to be hosted in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 live from Greece, 20-24 November.

“Taking the next step is about overcoming procrastination” said Celia Gates, founder of the Global Brainstorm and creator of the Whether Forecast™ brainstorming technique it pioneers.

If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re fearful about your future, if you’re uncertain or overwhelmed then the Global Brainstorm is here to help you take the next step.  Whether you’re building a business, developing your ideas or thinking about what to do then you’ll benefit from time spent thinking about it.

Join the Global Brainstorm to gain insight and inspiration about how best to take the next step.

What does “Take the Next Step” mean to you?

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