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November 14, 2013
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November 10, 2017

Testimonial from a Brainstormer.

Testimonial From A Brainstormer.

This person is a current client of mine on a four day course spread across 4 weeks.  He is building a construction, extension and decoration business in Sussex and Kent.  Two days ago he posted on my facebook time line.

Global Brainstorm Testimonial 1

More than “positive thinking” – Jason now believes it is possible and is taking action to succeed.

Today I noticed a post from him that made me smile – given what we had been talking about.

Global Brainstorm Testimonial 2


Jason actually spent time living in Greece before returning back to the UK more recently with injuries limiting his ability to work and a mindset that left him feeling like it didn’t matter.  What really made me laugh is the nature of his follow-up comment:

Global Brainstorm Testimonial 2b

Obviously it’s awesome to have saved him money but Chillie Muffins… ??! Is this really where creative thinking is leading?!

Then I scrolled further down his facebook page and much to my surprise found more than I was expecting.

Global Brainstorm Testimonial 3

The video Jason shares was recorded last year to promote the 2012 brainstorm however, with the tour to Greece starting in less than a week – I am truly grateful for any and all social shares.

And… to be called a star… (despite telling him to shut-up which I did actually do – err oops – he is the client) ah well, I had better bake the cake I promised them!

Thank you Jason – I’m delighted you’ve got so much from the sessions – may more inspiration be delivered in Thessaloniki and Athens next week… and greater success come your way as a result of some fresh thinking!

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