To join the next live brainstorm…

…what you don’t need is:

    • An attitude of avoidance.
    • Any more talent than you’ve got already.
    • People not supporting what you chose to do.
    • Permission to make progress.
    • Fear of your own fears – fear is your friend.
    • Cash – when connection and credibility matter more.
    • A game in which you cannot score.

What you do need is:

    • A push past procrastination.
    • Care for your community.
    • Desire to make a difference.
    • Vision and belief.
    • Cause for creativity– a problem – personally or professionally.
    • Fuel for further thinking – greater perspective
    • Incentives to “Take The Next Step”.

The future belongs to those who create it.

Join the Global Brainstorm 2013 and celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

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