Global Brainstorm – an overview of the conversation framework.

The Global Brainstorm brings brains together around a given discussion point.  It uses a lateral thinking tool called the Whether Forecast™. Relative truth is absolutely accepted and participants frame their point of view from 7 different perspectives derived from metaphors of the weather.

  • Lay of the Land:  A succinct overview of the current situation – the facts and feelings.
  • Sun: An optimistic outlook from a cheerful, energetic perspective.
  • Wind: An assessment of the external influences; local, prevail and tumultuous.
  • Rain: Rehydrating and revealing, this exploration is detailed and dissuasive.
  • Rainbow:  Imaginative suggestions for an alternative reality.
  • Snow:  Exploring processes and performance in frosty conditions.
  • Whether Report: Concluding with a clear vision, mission and proposed plan.


As we discuss the subject of our conversation from these different perspectives an overview of the collective conscious of the group will begin to emerge.  Viewers contribute via a chat roll and panellists* are encouraged to say what they really think as the conversation evolves.  These opinions are added to a central mind map which summarises the whole discussion unanimously.  Results are published on the Global Brainstorm site for the sake of sharing new insights and expert knowledge.

We’re very much looking forward to brainstorming with you.

Please register if you would like to be involved either as a panellist or a contributor.

*Please note: By accepting to be a panellist in a Global Brainstorm you are also accepting to have the conversation recorded and published (the Works) and you waive any rights to approve the Works and you waive any rights to approve the use of the Works now and in the future.  Thank you.