The Pain Of Procrastination Can Be Costly.

When you’re unsure about what to do – uncertainty about how best to do ‘it’ creeps in.  When a lot is happening simultaneously it’s easy to get lost in the details. The overwhelming knot into which we tie ourselves at such times – tightens and it can feel like we’re getting nowhere.

The speed of your progress depends on the evolution of your ideas.  Einstein famously said that we cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them in the first place.  In order to push past periods of procrastination and accelerate the speed of our progress we must first change our perspective and advance our thinking.

90% of the mistakes we make, are errors of perception rather than logic.  Logically – we’re generally, highly skilled at thinking through a problem to reach a reasonable conclusion.  Where we let ourselves down is when we interpret the situation.

Luckily for you, there is a simple solution that will stop you looking at your situation with blinkers.  Broadening your point of view will reveal the easy answers to you – this quickly accelerates your progress:

Join the Global Brainstorm on 22 November 2013 to freshen your perspective and advance your thinking.  This free event celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week and is open to innovators, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to further their progress.

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