Safe Natural Cleaning Made Simple

Learn how to make the best natural cleaners for your home using the simplest ingredients.

  • how to make 50+ natural cleaners: bathroom cleaners to laundry detergent to air fresheners, and toilet bowl cleaner–everything you need to clean your home
  • how to spot and avoid toxic products
  • which store-bought cleaners to buy
  • how to clean your home, naturally, with my room-by-room video tutorials and cheatsheets
Just $17.99 ($99 value)

What you’ll learn…

✔️ The worst cleaning ingredients and products to avoid using

✔️ How to make the best natural cleaners with my recipe book and video tutorials (over 50 recipes, from laundry detergent to bathroom cleaner to glass cleaner and toilet cleaner to stain remover and dusting spray-everything you need to clean your home)

✔️ The best natural cleaning swaps to make in your home

✔️ The best natural cleaning brands

✔️ How to clean everything, the natural way, using my cleaning tutorial videos and printable recipe cheatsheets!

✔️ BONUS: Use my time-saving cleaning schedule to create a simple system to simplify cleaning.

“I was using all kinds of toxic chemicals and these homemade cleaners have made such a difference.”

I make the all purpose cleaner and I use it on a daily basis, and the dusting spray. I was using all kinds of toxic chemicals to clean and these homemade and non-toxic cleaners have made such a difference in my life and my allergies.

– GIgi –

The cleaning recipes are fantastic! And I’m so pleased with how well they work.”

Thank you SO much for all your recipes. I now use the stain remover, soft scrub, laundry soap AND whitening formula. All the recipes you have provided are fantastic, I am so pleased with how well they work and that I am reducing my plastic waste. I can not thank you enough.

Sylvie –

“I’m making my own dish soap!”

I love the DIY dish soap recipe! That’s typically some thing we don’t remember to add to our grocery list until we run out but making our own has been super helpful!

I know how to research ingredients and evaluate cleaning products!”

I love how you broke down evaluating cleaning products into easy steps and showed me how to research ingredients.


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The course is easy to follow and gives you exactly what you need to get started with non-toxic cleaning right away. The course is self-paced, so you can work according to your pace and schedule. You can complete the course within a week or you may choose to take your time, working through each step at a slower pace and making one cleaning swap at a time. The guides and cheat sheets in the course don’t require extensive or heavy reading; they’re designed to be quick-reference guides and cheat sheets that give you exactly what you need to make natural cleaning easy, simplified, and fun.

If you want to spend hours and weeks researching and experimenting with recipes from Pinterest and compiling all the information into a document, go for it! This course is about taking the guess work out of not just making your own cleaners (with cleaners that actually work, a lot of recipes on Pinterest don’t work and feature ineffective ingredient combos like baking soda and vinegar–we talk about why you shouldn’t mix certain ingredients in the course), but also how to navigate the cleaning aisle and all the products on the market (so you can pick up any cleaning product in the store and easily make an informed choice about that product). You’ll learn how to safely and effectively make cleaning products, how to easily spot toxic and non-toxic cleaning products, how to use non-toxic cleaners in your home, the best non-toxic brands and products on the market right now, and how to stock your cleaning caddy with essential and multi-purpose products.

You have a full 7 days to “test drive” this course and decide if you’d like to keep it. If for any reason you don’t think it’s right for you, I’ll refund your full investment. I guarantee your success!

The most common ingredients used, include: castile soap, Sal Suds, baking soda, vinegar, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, alcohol. Most of the ingredients called for can easily be found online (via Amazon or other stores), grocery stores, and home stores (like Target or Walmart).